Life Coaching Service

We offer a number of individual coaching sessions as well as coaching packages. The following is a summary of what it will cost you to get the benefits and results you are looking for. Weigh these up against staying stuck. What is it costing you each day, month or year that you fail to thrive?

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Package & Price

Introductory Call

Free 30-min call.

No cost.

Letting Go

Make space with a 60-minute

lesson in forgiveness & release.


Get a Breakthrough

90-120 minutes breakthrough session. 


3-month package

Building awareness, making changes, and learning to live a new way! Up to 15 hours of coaching, in 30 sessions. 


6-month package

More than 50 coaching sessions over 6 months.  Not just finding the path ahead, but facing the challenges & obstacles. 


Monthly maintenance

To be determined.


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