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Love Music? Then you must read this.

Let's face it. You love music. However, many artist have not seen a dime since promoting their music to potential fans. Why? You have to handle the business part of your passion. There is no other way around it.

Now that we are on the same page, I'd like to introduce you to the solution. Artist Admin Team is a customizable virtual servicing company. Simple means, we do the paperwork, copyrighting, registration, contracts, etc. Whatever, you the artists, business needs are. Contact today. We are hired to do exactly that. We work for you, with you and not against you.

We have relationships and network with various distributors, labels, venues, managers, A &R's, radio hosts, DJ's and more. Let us be apart of your dream journey. Contact us today to discuss your administrative needs and received 5% off your 1st ordered service. Call now or book online at


Text ok: 678-707-1533

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