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As the world changes and the communication system reinvents itself, we’ve started to witness a significant, parallel change in the music industry, especially when it comes to discovering

new and exciting music. At first there were newspapers, they could only inform us about shows of very few performers. With the technology advances, we’ve witnessed a multiplication of tools, such as radios and music industry started to grow bigger. But there was still some problem; radios were almost unreachable by new artists and only selected few could be heard. When the internet arrives, that problem has been solved. Thanks to platforms like Myspace at the beginning and Soundcloud afterwards, finally new artists could upload their works and share them with us.

Nowadays, the traditional ways of exploring fresh talents left their places to unusual and unconventional ways. Nice melodies and good baselines are not enough to be heard in our days. Specifically, after the outbreak online streams became a new platform for fresh talents because they can find chance to demonstrate their creative side by arranging their surroundings, set the mood by being independent from the audience and most importantly, express and share their individual energy via technology. We can now see their faces and feel their vibes because they basically can be a guest in our living room. Perks of living in a technology era, we can by chance come across an amazing stream video and discover a new artist.

Also “Instagram Reels” can be used to promote new music, it is also equally easy way as posting stories. In our days which everyone has an Instagram account, everyone can either chose to go live or have a “reels” video and be heard by a lot of people. I saw many new artists sharing their works via this new way and even for that, they need to make a charming appearance by organizing their environment and make a nice atmosphere.

Another example for new type of platform is podcast. But by saying podcast, we are talking about a term in general and not just radio podcasts. Sometimes artists can choose to join to a questions & answers (q&a) session with a journalist or a blogger via Instagram. This is also considered as a new way to get to know new artists as an individual and that makes us wonder about them, which led us to binge-listen them. But frankly speaking, artists mostly choose to show their mojo at live streams because of its opportunities such as radiating their individual energy and giving example of their skills.

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